TV & Radio Advertising

Radio is the New Electronic. Its ability to entice advertisers no longer makes it a add on medium but integral part of comprehensive media plans across the length and breadth of the country. As BTL and Experiential marketing makes inroads into the overall advertising pie and gains traction, majority of advertisers are increasingly looking at radio to use its
core competency for creating targeted content
to gain listener attention culminating in sales.

Radio is the only medium besides OOH that can reach to every nook and corner of India where there are no newspapers or No TV possible and in the heartland of India where one can just have no Internet so one can count out even digital there.

Campaigns such as Mann Ki Baat by the Prime Minister demonstrate the power of Radio reaching to 99 percent of the population of India by leveraging all radio channels collectively.

With AIW Media get yourself ready and tune into the power of brand conversation medium. A medium that turns more people on by acting to spread out your communication strategy in bulk to the masses. From Radio Channels like 98.3 Radio Mirchi FM, Big 92.7 FM, 93.5 Red FM, Radio City 91.1,Fever 104 FM in major cities of the country to regional language channels catering to the narrowed down targeted market, We can do it all.

AIW Media offers most cost effective and strategic plans with minimum cost and maximum reach.