Residential Society Advertising

Neighborhood Media is the latest innovation AIW Media brings into the media industry. It is the closest touch point of media to the actual direct consumers. We bring to you branding in the space the consumer is residing, working, taking care of his healthas it is a new and highly preferred medium of various brands stands out amongst others due to its simple and yet extremely high ROI with constant brand reinforcement capability and cost effectiveness.It acts as a touch point media to reach the consumer creating trust and positioning the brand as a reliable product. It is true that every medium has its own benefits and perks but with neighborhood media acting as a pivot to various campaigns these days has no drawbacks and is surely low cost and high on results. These are mediums placed and created within the residential complexes and societies in bulk and for longer duration than the other mediums.

Neighborhood media being AIW Media innovation with legal rights is best offered when composed and delivered by AIW itself. We give you more than 5 different media formats at one place across cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Kolkata.

  • Identify & Create New Networks & Advertising Channels
  • Target-specific consumer demographics
  • Extend network capacity
  • Expand networks to erect barriers to expansion & entry by current & prospective competitors.
  • Enhance critical mass appeal to advertisers by offering a nation-wide network.
  • Increase number of locations &Planters & Poster Frames.
  • Ramp-up corporate advertising locations platform – Corporate Parks, Major Commercial Districts, Corporate SEZ’s etc covering nearly 1 Lac + Corporate Employees.