Outdoor Media

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is all about addressing people on the move. With a large young and migrating population, in-home media consumption patterns in India have undergone a sea change over the last few years, resulting in the emergence of outdoors as a very popular advertising medium. With consumers increasingly spending time away from home and in their cars, OOH advertising enables advertisers to connect with commuters, engage them and influence their purchase decisions. Increasingly, this is being accomplished across a wide array of media vehicles such as street furniture, public commutes (buses), airports, railways, malls and bridges. The global advertising market is estimated around $500 billion and OOH constitutes nearly 5.5% of the total advertising spend across the world. The global out-of-home (OOH) industry is currently valued at around $28bn, with the Western markets witnessing a robust growth in line with or higher than the growth in overall advertising expenditure. In contrast, the Indian OOH market is valued at just over Rs 27billion ($400 million), accounting for just over 1.5% of the world market.

AIW Media is a Specialist Outdoor Media advertising company. We have executed campaigns across the length & breadth of country including all metros & deeper locations of the nation. OOHat AIW Media is not just a word but a religion and we believe that it truly adds the OOMPH factor to your brand campaign by not just creating Larger than life imagery and awareness but high recall and visibility resulting in capturing consumer’s mind to belief and trust the brand in a more reliable and concrete sense.

When at AIW Media we talk about outdoor we don’t just say hoardings or billboards we bring to the table innovation and integration of various outdoor mediums which is not just restricted to a 40ft x 20ft site but various other outdoor branding mediums such as Bus Shelters, Pole Kiosk’s, Gantries, Stations, Utilities, various kinds of Street Furniture etc.

With AIW Media when you choose OOH you are not just building the brand loyalty but maintaining brand dominance amongst various competing brands when strategically located with maximum coverage, frequency and impact.