Cinema Advertising

There is No Business like Show Business. Superstars are made on the 70mm Cinema and there is nothing that equals the experience of the brand that the screen has to offer. It has now become integral part of comprehensive media plans and media strategies comprising of making long term commitments sometimes even a year for a perfect cinema experience across the length and breadth of the country. With 6000+ screens running nearly 15 movies every week nothing grows bigger than the ultimate cinema experience. From In Film Advertising to Celebrity Endorsements to running commercials in cinemas as well as combining experiential marketing, A perfect cinema experience awaits every brand wanting to grow big and very fast.

AIW Media has not only advertised the traditional 10, 20, 30 seconder promos or 10-seconder static slides giving information but have done a amazing works on the off-screen space, where there is a mind-boggling variety of options ranging from Ticket Jackets, Interactive Promotion kiosks, Seats, Audi Name, Lobby, Lifts, Product Display, Washrooms and Sampling to advertise your brand on. We can give your brand unparalleled access to a large, highly captive audience which other advertising formats can’t begin to match. Advertising at our exclusive Bollywood theatres such as PVR Cinemas, Big Cinemas, Adlabs, INOX etc allows brands to break through the clutter in ways that no other media can.